Adios Combo Cubes

Kaput Adios Combo Bait Cubes for Rats and Mice 18lb

Product Description

Adios Combo Bait Cubes is the first rodenticide that also reduces flea populations for an all-around approach to pest control. The bait is effective against Norway and Roof rats; house mice; and the fleas that live on these rodents and may be carriers of infectious diseases. Studies have shown that in times of aggressive baiting with traditional rodenticides, flea populations actually increase, contributing to disease outbreaks as the fleas search for new hosts. Adios Combo Bait Cubes significantly reduce the spread of these diseases by targeting the fleas with imidacloprid, as well as effectively killing the rodent population with diphacinone. These active ingredients are effective at extremely low concentrations, making them a lower risk for use in and around the home. However, in cases of accidental poisonings of children or pets, Vitamin K1 is a readily available antidote. Formulated with paraffin, the Adios Combo Bait Cubes are moisture-resistant and durable. The blocks have ridged surfaces to facilitate rodent gnawing, and a center hole that allows the blocks to be secured inside a bait station. Quality grains and sweetners ensure that the rodents are easily attracted to the blocks, and continue to feed on the bait.

Adios MSDS
Adios MSDS
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Package Size 18LB