Al+ Clear

50 lb bag

Product Description

Long-Lasting Litter Treatment For Better Poultry Health And Productivity

Al+Clear® Poultry Grade Alum improves the total house environment. No other commercial litter treatment holds litter pH as low for as long, especially during the critical early weeks of a growout. Al+Clear alum suppresses ammonia volatilization, reduces bird stress, and improves litter condition and ventilation programs. It also makes litter a more effective fertilizer by maintaining nitrogen content and reducing phosphorus runoff when the litter is spread on fields. Al+Clear alum improves the productivity of broiler, breeder, egg and turkey houses and works in conjunction with all best management practices. It also offers growers a flexible program to help reach litter management, environmental and profitability goals.

Improved Poultry Operation Performance:

  • Long-lasting pH control in litter and on floors. Al+Clear alum acidifies litter and floors throughout a growout. It is a buffered acid that resists the rise in pH as manure builds in the litter, holding pH below levels that can stress the birds.
  • Low airborne ammonia. Al+Clear alum consistently outperforms competing litter treatments as a way to prevent high ammonia levels which can have serious impacts on overall poultry health.
  • Moisture reduction. Al+Clear alum limits available water in litter which helps control the key condition for ammonia volatilization.
  • Less stress on birds. By controlling ammonia, lowering pH and reducing moisture, Al+Clear alum creates improved poultry house conditions. Studies (available upon request) show that these improved conditions lead to lower mortality and condemnation rates.
  • Improved productivity. Birds raised on Al+Clear-alum-treated litter show increased weight gain and feed conversion, improving bird performance.
  • Higher fertilizer value. Al+Clear alum improves nitrogen retention in litter. Studies show that available nitrogen (N) in treated litter is up to 90% more than in untreated litter (i.e., 800 lb. N/100 tons of litter, the average amount in a 20,000-bird house).
  • Less phosphorus runoff. Litter treated with Al+Clear alum is low in soluble phosphorus, minimizing phosphorus runoff from fields, but allowing enough phosphorus uptake so crops are in balance with their nitrogen requirements.
  • Ease of application. Apply Al+Clear alum while your equipment is winched out of the way, along with decaking, top dressing and other out-time activities. Use it for short layouts or up to 7 days before chick or bird placement in dry litter conditions.

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SDS AL+Clear 2018-06-28