32 oz container

Product Description

AzaGuard Insecticide Nematicide is an organic insecticide that helps reduce insect pressure and damage to plants. This insect growth regulator insecticide/nematicide uses Azadirachtin as its active ingredient which effectively reduces insect pressure and damage to plants. Along with organic surfactants in AzaGuard, this insecticide provides a multiple mode of action that will control over 300 different types of insects all through the season including nematodes, cinch bugs, and sod webworms. It features a broad label of greenhouse crops including vegetables, fruits, and herbs. It also guarantees to have an immediate effect on insect larvae. It can be used on food crops, shrubs, ornamentals, trees, and turfgrass (including golf courses and athletic fields). It can also be used for non-food uses, in greenhouses, interiorscapes, shadehouses, mushroom houses, and nursery uses, and in commercial and industrial areas. It is a great tool for superintendents to keep insects off of greens and fairways. It will reduce nematodes when ZeroTol 2.0 is tank mixed along with AzaGuard.

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SDS AzaGuard 2018-12-26