Credo SC Insecticide

CredoTM SC controls darkling beetles that can destroy facility insulation and structural wood, consume poultry feed, and may carry disease organisms and parasites.

8 x 30 OZ/Case

Product Description

Credo® SC Insecticide, specifically formulated for the poultry industry, provides premise control of darkling beetles.
■ Contains imidacloprid (42.8%), the active ingredient proven to provide effective insect control
■ Controls both adults and larval darkling beetles
■ Effective single-dose application
■ Labeled for banded or broadcast application
■ Rotate with Tempo® products to manage darkling beetle resistance
■ One 30 oz bottle treats a 20,000 sq ft poultry house using banded application
■ Easy and flexible treatment options
Credo SC
Credo SC
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Product Features

Package Size 8x30 oz