Hombre Pellets

Hombre pellets are an excellent choice for controlling roof rats. Rodents see these pellets as seeds in their environment and readily accept them as food. Hombre pellets allow the applicator to determine the correct quantity of rodenticide needed to treat their specific rodent problem.

Available in Chunk and Place-Packs

Product Description

  • Hombre is a unique, single-feed anticoagulant specially formulated to be highly palatable to rats and mice. Difethialone is formulated at 25 PPM. A low level of active ingredient makes Hombre extremely palatable – almost non-detectable by rodents.
    • Whole grains combined with less wax and dye contribute to the great taste.
    • Extremely effective for roof rat control.
    • Flexible formulations to meet various baiting needs – mini blocks, paraffin blocks, paraffinized pellets, bulk and place packs.
    • Contains Difethialone, which was invented and patented by Liphatech.
    • Vitamin K1 Antidote.

In areas where non targets (people and / or animals) cannot access bait, place open trays of Hombre pellets between a roof rat’s nest and food and /or water supply.

Continue to apply Hombre pellets until rodents stop feeding


Hombre Pellets
Hombre Pellets
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Product Features

Package Size - Place-Pack 200 Place-Pack Pail
Package Size - Chunk 20 lb