Rampage Block (All Weather Bait Chunx)

4 lb pail

Product Description

A powerful bait that kills 5 times faster than other formulas, Motomco Rampage All-Weather Rat Bait Chunx control pests with no secondary poisoning needed. This heat, mold and moisture-resistant bait is ideal for bait stations and bait rotation.

Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice stop eating the bait after ingesting a lethal dose, saving you money. Contains Bromethalin, an acute non-anticoagulant toxicant. For use within 50′ of buildings or inside ships, trains and aircraft.

Kills: House Mouse, Norway Rat, Roof Rat, Cotton Rat, Eastern Harvest Mouse, Golden Mouse, Polynesian Rat, Meadow Vole, White-Throated Woodrat, Southern Plains Woodrat, Mexican Woodrat

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SDS Rampage Bait Chunx (Block) 2015-01