Ultra Litter Treatment (ULT)

5 gallon container

Product Description

Ultra Litter Treatment™ is a blend of food grade organic acids and sodium salts blended with food grade buffering agents and YS-50® (Yucca schidigera extract). Lowering the pH of the poultry house floor or litter greatly improves the environment by reducing ammonia levels and by inhibiting pathogens that have an adverse effect on performance. ULT is a liquid that lowers the pH instantly. One five (5) gallon container of ULT mixed with 70 gallons of water will cover up to 20,000 square feet.
Ultra Litter Treatment should be applied 4 to 6 days before bird placement for ammonia control. For better control of Darkling beetles insecticides such as Tempo WP-20 should be mixed in the diluted ULT solution and sprayed in one application.

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SDS Ultra Litter Treatment 2016-07-06